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MMA’s Directory of Midwives is a list of active, credentialed MMA Members. It is provided as a benefit of membership and as a public service. It does not imply endorsement of member midwives. Some midwives have chosen not to be listed. Their absence should not be construed as a censure of their practice. It is up to the consumer to fully research provider choices. For further information about the credentialing of midwives, see The North American Registry of Midwives at narm.org and The American College of Nurse Midwives at acnm.org.

The regions of the state represent general areas. Midwives in one region may serve families in other regions as well. Please contact the individual midwife to inquire about what area of the state she serves.

1. North-West
2. North-Central
3. North-East
4. KC Area
5. Central
6. St. Louis Area
7. South-West
8. South-Central
9. South-East

Northwest MO

No listings at this time.

North-Central MO

No listings at this time.

Northeast MO

Alyssa Martin, CPM
Homebirth, Naturally
Phone: 573-767-0193
Web: www.homebirthnaturally.com
Email: homebirthnaturally@gmail.com
Tags: Northeast MO
The midwives of Homebirth, Naturally assist women and their families in realizing birth as an enlarging and empowering experience. We acknowledge pregnancy and birth as normal and natural life processes, and seek to educate and support each client with knowledgeable, compassionate and respectful family-centered care during the childbearing year.
Midwives, Alyssa and Sara, make up Homebirth, Naturally. Alyssa has been a CPM since 2001, practicing in Colorado, Oregon and Missouri. Sara trained with Alyssa and became a CPM in 2016. We serve a 1.5 hour radius of Rutledge, MO.

Kansas City Area

Cheryl L. Gilman, CPM
Midwife KC
Phone: 410-353-6834
Web: www.midwifekc.com
Email: cherylgilman@gmail.com
Tags: Kansas City
Apprentice trained CPM with 12 years birth doula experience prior to becoming a CPM. Serves 90 mile radius from KC.

Nicole Greene, CPM
Bred in Kansas City
phone: (319) 572-1152
Web: Bredinkc.com
Email: greeneware@gmail.com
Business address: PO Box 45086 Kansas City, MO 64171
Tags:Kansas City (within 30 minutes of Midtown Kansas City)
My midwifery education was focused specifically on out of hospital maternity and well woman care, and primarily involved home birth. After earning my credentials in 2012, I have practiced privately at home and with a number of freestanding birth centers in Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. I even caught quite a few international babies while working at a rural clinic in Haiti, and a private hospital in China.
My heels are now grounded in Midtown Kansas City, and I tirelessly provide care for women in their homes throughout this sprawling Metro. I have dreams of nurturing a community of women here, who will all raise a generation of children to love and be kind. I like to think that the peace I protect during birth travels with these babies for a lifetime.

Amber Walla, CPM
Sacred Song Home Birth, LLC
Phone: 816-914-9551
Tags: Kansas City area, 1 hr radius
My journey to midwifery began in 2000 when searching for my own midwife. Finding that I would have to travel to another state to receive care prompted me to get involved with The Friends of Missouri Midwives and The Missouri Midwives Association and to work toward the legalization of midwifery in Missouri. I also became a certified labor doula and Bradley childbirth instructor, and I went on to teach natural childbirth classes in my home for over 10 years.
After the homebirth of my fourth baby, I knew I was being called to become a midwife. I left the accounting field and became a full-time stay at home mom/part-time midwifery student. I attended births with almost all of the midwives who were practicing at the time. I eventually went on to apprentice with a CPM doing homebirth and a CNM doing birth center births. In 2010 I sat for the NARM exam and became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).
As a primary midwife I have had the tremendous blessing to welcome over 600 babies into this world!

Anita Woods, CPM
Northeast Kansas Homebirth Service
Web: www.nekansashomebirth.com
Tags:NE Kansas, NW Missouri and Kansas City
I have been a CPM since 2007 and attended ~250 births, with a specialty in vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). No forced testing or requirements, no time limits on healthy pregnancy & birth. Office in Leavenworth, KS.

Central MO

Sabrina Bias, CPM
Mothers Embrace Birth Services
Phone: 573-239-0047
Web: www.mothersembracebirth.com
Email: Sabrina@mothersembracebirth.com
Business address: 12330 N Robinson Rd, Hallsville, MO 65255
Tags: Columbia, Central MO
I grew passion for serving women after I was served by midwives for my 5th birth and the next couple after that. I have had every type of birth from a failed induction that ended in a cesarean section to induced VBAC's to completely natural from start to finish! I serve women with compassion for having been right where you are but also knowing that you can gain tools to have a wonderful birth experience. I look forward to empowering and supporting many women to achieve a great birth experience. I have an amazing support system at home with my husband of over 20 years, 8 amazing children, a son in law and a beautiful grand baby, whom I had the privilege of delivering myself. I serve a 75 mile radius from Columbia.

Dawn M. Finney CPM
Birthroot Midwifery LLC
Phone: 573-684-3296
Web: www.birthrootmidwifery.net
Email: dawnmfinney@gmail.com
Tags: Columbia, Central MO
Growing and having a baby is a special time in a woman's life! My practice style supports a woman's innate ability to give birth, respects the newborn's transition into the world, and honors the midwifery philosophy of individualized care and informed consent. I'm a traditionally trained midwife who has been attending home births since 1998. I offer midwifery care and home birth services (including water births), placenta encapsulation, monitrice, and postpartum care services, and welcome clients from all walks of life. Visit my webpage and blog to read more! I serve a 1.5 hour radius around Columbia.

Terri Hultman, RN, CNM
Community Wellness Clinic
Phone: 417-483-2136 or 573-378-2444
Email: Bornhappy@me.com
Tags: Central MO
I began my journey in 1979 as a hospital-based nurse then in 1997 graduated with my MSN as a Certified Nurse-Midwife from the University of Missouri. I ALWAYS felt like home-birth was the best for families. Since 2007 I've been enjoying a home/clinic birth practice. In 2017, I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with our family practice/dental/obstetric clinic. I serve a 120 mi radius from Versailles, MO.

Robin Massey, CPM
Birth Works LLC
Phone: 660-441-8818
Web: Yourbirthworks.com
Email: yourbirthworks@gmail.com
Business address: 101 Barnes St. Pilot Grove, MO. 65276
Tags: KCMO, Central MO, NE MO
Open to travel within 2 hours of home.
I believe every woman deserve to be respected and honored during this most sacred journey. This may be your first pregnancy or your 10th and with each one you deserve to be treated with dignity, patience, empathy, and respect. There are NO RE-DO'S for this pregnancy, and birth of this baby, make it the best it can be. Every Mom, Every Baby, Every Family, EVERY TIME, Deserve the best.........

St. Louis Area

Jessica Henman, CNM, CPM
Birth and Wellness Center
Web: www.mybirthandwellness.com
Phone: (636)294-6441
Email: birthandwellness1@gmail.com
Business address: 769 W Terra Lane, O'fallon, MO 63366
Tags: St. Louis area
We are a licensed, accredited freestanding birth center that provides pregnancy and birth care in homes, our lovely birth center, and at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. We also provide full scope women's healthcare from puberty to menopause. We believe that personalized, holistic care and technology can be balanced so that every woman gets the very best care possible.

South-West MO

Judith Schmidt, CPM, RN
Gentle Beginnings Midwifery
Phone: 417-483-8762
Tags: Southwest Missouri, Southeast Kansas, Northeast Oklahoma
24 years experience as a homebirth midwife

Deborah Smithey, CPM
Baby Moon Midwifery Service, LLC
Phone: 417-751-0040
Email: Deborah@MissouriMidwife.com
Web: www.MissouriMidwife.com
Tags: Southwest MO
I attend home births throughout southwest Missouri (and occasionally go to regions 4, 5, and 8 on the map above) and do prenatal checkups in Springfield (main office), Stockton (home office) or Pierce City (third location!). I rely on my hands and simple tools for most routine examinations, reserving the use of technology to assist only when necessary. I strive to balance modern technology with the ancient midwifery practices of my Native American ancestors. I prefer to treat with special food and water first; herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements second, homeopathic medicine third, and drugs only as a last resort. I am a homebirth mom, wife and former homeschool mom (my kids are all graduated and grown up now!).

South-Central MO

No listings at this time.

South-East MO

No listings at this time.

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