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We are doing a raffle to raise funds for our lobbyiest fund. The tickets are available now, the drawing will be held at the MMA Retreat 2016. Donation: $3 per ticket or 4 for $10! Choose which ticket(s) you want to buy and click the donate button. You will need to repeat for each item if you want to put any tickets on different items. I will take a photo of your tickets and email or text it to you. Or you can buy tickets with cash or credit/debit at the retreat!

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We have fun t-shirts, tanks, water bottles and more with fun midwifery and homebirth slogans on them! Something for everyone!

Educational Booklet: Missouri Midwives DeMystified
Missouri Midwives DeMystified

The educational booklet
"Missouri Midwives DeMystified"
contains sections on:
Current Law
Family Album
Professional Accountability
Studies and Statistics

WITH SHIPPING: Order online and have it shipped to you!
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One book for $15 total
Two books for $25 total
Five books for $55 total

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Missouri Midwives Association
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Please note that all payments made to Missouri Midwives Association are donations. Thank you for supporting Missouri Midwives Association!

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